Uptime Harvest

Software for smart operators

A new

Generation of Software

for Windpark Management

Uptime HARVESTâ„¢ provides unique software and methodology to support effective asset management. Smart use of available information contributes to optimised O&M and maximised profitability.

Connectivity & Storage

  • Customised solutions for accessing operational data, independent of equipment type or manufacturer
  • Optional centralised data hosting on a server farm with process control and data security according to ISO 20.000 and ISO 27.001 certification
  • Cloud based software solutions to ensure fast setup, maximum system availability and performance

Visualisation & Reporting

  • Clear, intuitive graphical interface for visualisation and monitoring of all assets
  • Online overview of condition and performance, fast navigation to contextual information
  • Company wide information management via browser-based applications
  • Efficient reporting tools that can be accessed online or deployed via Email
  • Instant access to management dashboards, key performance reports and statistics

Reporting Services Interface

Example Reports

Geographical Information System

Fault Detection & Diagnosis

  • Online SCADA monitoring to automatically spot deviations in performance
  • Alarm code analysis to support root cause diagnosis
  • Advanced events management with visualisation of interactions between turbine errors and warnings, online condition monitoring, inspection and repair activities
  • Tickets system to support task distribution and issue tracking
  • Knowledge Database for documentation of known failure modes, root causes and analysis techniques

Online Scada Monitoring

Events Management




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